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About Us

Janelle Dupee, Principal

Knickerbocker Elementary School is one of five K-4 schools in the Watertown City School District.  Knickerbocker Elementary has a strong tradition of providing the best education possible for your child. This tradition is carried on by the outstanding faculty, staff, parents, and community members who take pride in our students achievement throughout their academic career at Watertown City Schools. Whether your family has lived here for generations or you are new to our area, you are all a part of the Knickerbocker Family.

Welcome to Knickerbocker Elementary.

"One person can make a difference.
And everyone should try."
-John F. Kennedy

School Creed
I am respectful.
I am responsible and safe.
I am here to learn; therefore,
I will do nothing to keep the
teacher from teaching or anyone
from learning, including myself.
Every day I will be honest, trustworthy,
caring and kind.
I will work hard and not give up
and will treat people respectfully,
the way I want to be treated.